Three bricklayers were asked what they were doing as they tried to rebuild a church that had been gutted by fire.

The first replied, “I am laying bricks.”
The second responded with, “I am repairing a wall.”
The third answered, “I am building a cathedral.”  
That last response!

Enthusiasm shines through those words. He already saw the beauty they would create and bricklaying did not seem like work anymore.

Talk about goals!

Ever watched children playing outdoors? Do you feel their passion and energy in the way they engage one another?
Makes me think I never want to do anything I am not excited about.
That may just be the way to live life sustainably. Happy people tend to live longer. Yes?

Are you able to mix passion, enthusiasm and work? 

Quite the skill to have right there and yes, perspective is everything.

Ah, Reuben? A housemate’s cat and you should see how she calls out to him at night to come home.
The cutest thing!



Writing this on April Fools’ day, I cannot help but think about pranks.
Some pranks are hilarious and good-natured. Others not so much.

A classic prank is a friend getting into your phone and changing the language in settings. Yikes!


A dad heard his daughter scream from the garden. She was being chased by a bee.
He ran and grabbed her. She felt him tense and relax.
Then he said, “it is alright now. Bees do not sting twice.” The bee had stung him.

That was not a prank.

Lot tried to warn his sons-in-law of danger. The world as they knew it was going to be destroyed.
Sadly, they supposed Lot was jesting. It was not a prank.

..and too late to rewrite the script.

“Be Prepared” is a famous scout motto.
It helps to be prepared to make the right call every time, and when all is said and done, the choices we make do matter, yes?



Isaac and Rebekah. Esau and Jacob. A generation of smarts, it is almost uncanny.

I made notes.

Esau was a wild, love-the-outdoors kind of guy, skillful at hunting albeit a tad reckless with important things, he traded his inheritance for a bowl of lentil stew and had wives that made life bitter for Isaac and Rebekah, his parents.

Jacob was quiet, lived in tents, a family sort of guy, quick, clever and took advantage of his brother Esau in a moment of weakness. 

Makes me wonder, what is lost in moments of weakness and if perhaps we could make better choices.

Ah, Rebekah had strategy!
Her role in orchestrating the blessing in Jacob’s favour over older brother Esau was well thought out.
Perhaps, she felt that blessing Esau over Jacob would mean endorsing a bad legacy of poor choices and taking important things for granted?

Who adorns a pig with pearls?

Isaac held his own and tried to verify again and again that it was Esau he was pronouncing the blessing on and not Jacob. 

He failed.  

I would tell him not to worry though as he did not have the luxury of a cellphone.
A call to Esau, had he lived in our day, would have given the game up.

Oh well, their story is worth thinking about.

Was it destiny at play or a succession of choices and consequences?
Story can be found in Genesis chapter 26 verse 34 to Genesis 27.

Perhaps, we can compare notes?



When asked what makes us unique, we typically highlight our strengths, hoping to impress.

Nothing wrong with showing off our strengths, however, we can be endearing and connect as humans when we are vulnerable.

A boxing glove is ineffective and without a hand in it, it is weak!
Put a hand in it, make a fist and punch the air.
Now we see what difference the hands made to the power of the glove.

Do you relate with the struggles of the boxing glove?
It is vulnerable and has to find the right fit AKA the right human or be doomed, maybe. 

The hand -in- glove idiom making better sense yet?

No man is an island! We connect when we dare to be vulnerable and given time make formidable teams.
But it takes getting past the limiting fears.
Yours truly struggles with the fear of rejection sometimes.

Maybe you can relate and maybe we can learn how to be vulnerable.

Of Tongue Twisters

Tongue twisters are amusing, may not make much sense at first but repeated over time, help with enunciation.
Interestingly, they helped me relax, not to mention flirt with words by myself this week. Yes, that should be a thing!

She sells seashells by the seashore,
The shell she sells are seashells.

Try saying that fast and appreciate rappers like Eminem.

Tsarina Maria Feodorovna, you probably never heard of her until now, neither had yours truly prior to this story. She saved a life when she changed what had been written against a name on a list of supposed criminals and traitors.

“Pardon impossible, to send to Siberia.”
Maria had changed it to “Pardon, impossible to send to Siberia”.

She saved a life by switching up commas.

We all have gifts and can make a difference in our interactions. Best part is even the little acts of kindness go a long way.

This month of March is special


It is six months since starting this blog in September, 2020. It is both fun and a challenge to write and post every week. Super grateful for the opportunity to share experiences and I am thankful to you for coming along on this ride.

So here’s a thought to mark March.

Relax with your preferred essential oils. Maybe even apply a few drops to your face mask. You could like it.  Lavender, hyssop and tea tree essential oils are relaxing and super helpful for their antiseptic properties. Together, we can live our best lives and in excellent shape too. Yes?

Be well!


John (not real name} was taken hostage for 163 days while serving as a missionary abroad. 

He survived four wars, three accidents, two food poisoning attempts and an assassination attempt on his life.

Now I think aside from the banging, ultra-cool scars many survivors have, they also possess special qualities that help them live life. 

Surely, emotional intelligence is one such quality. It takes emotional intelligence to process feelings appropriately to stay alive.  

How about courage, the will to live and the God factor? Oh yeah!
Really, it is easy to become bitter after surviving cunning and competitive folks. Try to not do that. 

Maybe get help? 

Attempting to live again begins with a positive attitude, self-love and great wit  and these are additional survival qualities to possess.

Life may be swings and slides. My wish though is that we stay “swinging” for longer.

Dare to think like a survivor?

The story of Helen Keller is inspiring.
She had lost her sight and hearing due to a childhood illness and for a minute, it must have seemed like all is lost.

In spite of this overwhelming state, she learned to understand and communicate with the world around her as well as acquire excellent education.
Her parents had hired an extraordinary teacher.

Parents, teachers and mentors have a huge responsibility it seems.

Helen Keller became an author and was widely esteemed for her work.
For many she had become a symbol of the triumph of the human spirit over adversity.

Now I think, it is possible to live the dream and overcome adversity through learning.
To give up is easy, but I would be curious to know what I could achieve by not giving up.
So I seek to understand, learn, create and pursue excellence.

Great stories often had humble beginnings.
At the end of the day, all you can control is you. Be kind to yourself.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Helen Keller


The story is told of a king who placed a boulder right in the middle of a street and watched out of sight to see who would move it out of the way. 

Some people walked around it complaining about the king’s failure to maintain roads well.
 He watched as a man came along and moved the boulder. It took him a while but he did and now others could walk freely too. He was rewarded when he found a bag stuffed full of treasure where the boulder had been. The king had placed the reward there.

Often, opportunity is masked as a challenge. Will we find it?
Helping others makes us happy. Does compassion drive it?

Bees work twenty-four hours, seven days a week with

out sleeping or resting. They have a short lifespan of just three months. 

They are really making the most of the life they have to produce sweetness.

Did you get a new understanding of the expression ‘busy as a bee’ like I did?

Anyone can give advice. Doing is the real deal. There is a time to take the plunge and unique experiences are reserved for those who dare to walk on water.

Be busy as a bee and create sweetness.